Our Mission

Beauty is for everyone.

For those who have felt excluded, forgotten, or oppressed by beauty, we invite you to reclaim and redefine it on your own terms. Expression is woven into who we are as humans. Engaging with our creative energy is a necessary act of self-love and preservation.

It is Terra Stoma's mission to nourish beauty from the inside-out, providing vibrant + high-impact products that pack a punch while staying gentle on you - and the Earth.

Our Values

  • Clean Formulas

    Clean Formulas

    All products are Herbalist-formulated and handmade in small batches with care. Our Vegan + Cruelty-Free formulas actively nourish and balance skin, while our commitment to safety means no hidden BS ingredients, harsh chemicals, or toxic additives.

  • Sustainability


    We are proud to offer almost all Terra Stoma products in glass, paper, or aluminum packaging, as well as discounted refills and Earth-minded shipping. Learn even more about our practices here.

  • Inclusivity


    We believe natural & empowering beauty-care should be available to all. Terra Stoma products are formulated for a wide variety of skin tones, packaged in a gender-neutral format, and offered at an accessible price point.

  • Ease


    Terra Stoma makeup is easy to use, because we believe in doing what feels right for you! Everything can be applied by hand, or with tools. Our products multi-task and provide a low-maintenance experience with high-impact results.

What does 'Terra Stoma' mean?

"Terra" is the root of our founder's last name, Terrazas which means "of the Earth". Stomata are the tiny openings on plants that take in the CO2 we exhale and release the oxygen we breathe, symbolizing a shared breath with the natural world.

Terra Stoma means "Earth Gate" and represents the cycle of exchange we have with each other & the world around us. It is a portal of interconnection and an incantation of reciprocity.
Meet the Maker

About Taylor Terrazas

Taylor Terrazas (she/her) is a Clinical Herbalist & Wellness Advocate from Austin, TX.

Growing up mixed-race in white spaces, a late bloomer, and often labeled a "weirdo", I always felt disconnected from the primary beauty narrative. I tried to mold myself to certain standards, but it seemed unfair to feel shame over things that were a natural part of me.

As I got older, I stopped wearing makeup entirely and spent years deconstructing imposed beauty standards within myself. I also noticed how drastically my skin cleared up once I stopped using conventional products.

When I chose to return to makeup, it was for creative expression and as a reclamation of beauty, with a new set of values that I had defined for myself. Unable to find natural products on the market that were bold, vibrant, and suited for diverse skin tones, I decided to apply my knowledge of herbal product making to cosmetics.

Terra Stoma was born out of a deep love of creating and a reverence for the uniqueness and innate beauty of people. Self-love is not a destination or event; it's a practice. *Wherever* you are on this journey, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your practice.