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| 0.5 fl.oz each | Glass Bottles + Droppers

♻️ Disposal: To recycle, rinse out the glass bottle with warm water and separate the glass dropper from its plastic components. Or purchase a refill size and reuse your glass bottle indefinitely.



For best results, allow the Moon Drops serum to absorb on the skin for 5-10 minutes before applying your Skin Elixir. See the graphic for additional tips on layering your Terra Stoma skincare products.

For a lighter daytime feel or for those with oily skin, dispense equal parts of each product together into your hand (ex. 1-3 drops Moon Drops + 1-3 drops Skin Elixir), finding an amount that works for your needs. Use your finger to mix the products together and apply this mixture to your skin, neck, & under eyes.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Blades
Moon Drops & Kiss of the Sun have my skin clear and glowing like never before!

I have been exploring a new skin care approach of only using water to wash my face, and doing that in combination with applying these oils morning and night which has created a major shift in my overall skin health and appearance. (I do currently use another brand of micellar water to remove my makeup, but I plan to purchase the Terra Stoma one next!) The packaging and application of these oils is so luxurious and beautiful. I love that there are recyclable refill containers. Everything is made with such intention and care and you can truly feel. I am looking forward to trying the Sacred Jade blend soon.

Absolutely nourishing!

I got the Moon Drops + Sacred Jade. Both are incredible nourishing and have a pleasantly natural botanical scent. A couple drops are more than enough for a luscious layer that my skin drinks in easily. I usually use the sacred jade at night as it gives my skin a greenish tint for a little bit. I like to use the moon drops as needed, usually in the morning to start the day right.

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