2024 Limited-Batch Summer Collection

Counting down until the 6/20 launch of our Summer eyeshadows, liners, and skincare! Inspired by all things shimmery, glittery, and glowy.





The Limited-Batch Summer Collection is available now!

  • Beauty On Your Own Terms

    Beauty On Your Own Terms

    For those who have felt excluded, forgotten, or oppressed by beauty, we invite you to reclaim it. We believe in the self-care of self-expression for all complexions and want your beauty ritual to nourish and inspire you.

  • Impact and Responsibility

    Impact and Responsibility

    The Beauty Industry contributes over 120 Billion pieces of plastic waste per year. As a small company, we take this very seriously and believe in raising the bar for larger brands.

  • Natural Doesn't Have to Mean Boring

    Natural Doesn't Have to Mean Boring

    We got tired of lackluster results and limited color options that often failed to compliment diverse skin tones. Terra Stoma shades are unique, vibrant, & high-pigment so you can stay true to your creativity while caring for yourself and the Earth.

  • Kind Ingredients

    Kind Ingredients

    All Terra Stoma products are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Herbalist-formulated with Organic ingredients. Handmade in small batches with love & intention, free from harsh chemicals and mystery ingredients.

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Terra Stoma is a Proud Member of SBBC

A collective of small business owners committed to real change. We prioritize sustainability, using customizable Pay Back to the Planet (P2P) Programs to reduce waste, reuse packaging, and support organizations reversing plastic damage. Together, we foster innovation and encourage each other's development in sustainable practices.

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